Visit Amazing Greece In This Summer Vacation

Life is dreamy during summer, when the sun shines and sea blue takes over. You and your Family will swim in clear, safe, turquoise waters at one of the many blue flag beaches of the country. Picturesque tavernas offering dishes made with fresh ingredients will satisfy your whole family. Furthermore your children will find themselves in places where their favourite heroes lived, like Hercules, Thisseus, Alexander the Great, the 300 of Sparta. They can learn about Ulysses' adventures and run around the track at the birthplace of the Olympics.
Mums and dads, be prepared to relax and have a good time in a country where everyone, young and old is a kid, and “family” is still a special strong bond. Greece offers a feeling of being part of a big family; smiley faces, hospitality, security, untouched nature and magnificent food give a unique combination, making Greece the number one family destination worldwide.

Explore the world with your beloved ones
Along with your children, visit Maritime museums and parks located on various islands of the country and enjoy adventurous water sports activities. Marine parks and zoos will let you spend some quality time with your children and make a summer holiday in Greece even more memorable. Visit the Cretaquarium on Crete, Herakleion, the National Marine Park on Alonissos and the National Marine Park on Zakynthos (Zante).
During your visit, you can also have a light meal or a coffee while enjoying the view or relax, while your children get to know animals and microscopic creatures of the sea, play, participate in educational programmes, or watch documentaries carefully produced by experts to keep the children happy and satisfy their genuine curiosity!
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