7 Things you never knew existed

From genius to absurd, you would never believe the plethora of random objects that can be found on the Internet!

Here are six of my favorite finds that have definitely made it onto my Christmas and birthday wish list. Beware! Once you get through this article you won’t be satisfied until these nifty knick knacks find their way into your home.

This invention is bound to revolutionize the office space. At the very least, it will transform the printer cartridge industry. It's the biggest thing since the pencil was invented. The Pencil Printer uses all of those little pencil stubs that nobody wants to write with to print your documents. Gone are the days when you had to spend a small fortune on printer cartridge to print our your papers each quarter.

Now, all you need to get through the quarter is a good, old fashioned pencil. You know, the kind they give out for free at the activities fair! Another bonus: this innovative printer not only saves on ink, but also saves paper. We’ve all felt the guilt of accidental duplicate printing, but with the Pencil Printer you can run the extra pages through the eraser end of the printer and come out with a blank slate, ready to be reused.

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